What parents are saying…

Thanks for this morning ladies. I have done many baby classes for my eldest son and I really love the approach and method of your classes. Jonas loved it!

― Hynde (Jonas – 11 Months)

We had our first session today! Was amazing thank you! I think it was also brain training for me!!

― Silva (Leo – 4 months)

It can be so hard to find a good online class during the pandemic that is fun for both Mama and little one. Noah and I enjoy it so much and we both learn a lot. We are so grateful to Seetal and Marta for doing an amazing job.

― Heidi (Noah – 12 months)

Having a baby during a worldwide pandemic is not easy. Seetal and Marta are amazing and super helpful. They have helped me navigate through my son’s early learning journey via music, sensory, activities and teaching to encourage my baby’s development while having fun at home. I definitely recommend the class.

― Sara (Henry – 12 months)