Activate Your Child’s Brain

Baby Brain Training

A Programme for Infants and Toddlers Incorporating Right Sided Brain Training

A Programme for Babies and Toddlers Incorporating Right Sided Brain Training, Core Academic Preschool Learning and Music Studies.

Our Programme

What is Baby Brain Training?

Baby Brain Training focuses on training the right side, rather than the left side of the brain. While the left side of brain is responsible for logic and reasoning, the right side is responsible for memory retention, creative and imaging abilities. Intuitive senses are also heightened.

Benefits of Baby Brain Training

Children will be able to communicate better as we incorporate signing whilst teaching. As a result, you may see an improvement in behaviour as we teach your child to better express their emotions.

We actively use music rhythms and singing to retain information and learn. Music also helps with memory and regulating emotions. The music sessions will also improve the academic side and vice-versa.

Expertise of the trainers

Our Baby Brain Training classes are brought to you by a Vision Science Specialist and a Professional Musician with more than 10 years of experience in their fields. View more in the About Us section.

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Our Ethos

The idea of putting your child first is neither new or revolutionary. It’s instinctively what every parent has done since time immemorial.

Here at Baby Brain Training, our aim is to activate the inner genius of every child we train. All our children are valued. The individual attention that our children receive means we can really tailor their learning.

We can identify what your child is good at and what they find challenging. We encourage your child to become confident, curious to ask questions and develop a passion to learn.

Our programme allows your child to be well prepared for preschool and school. The world today is highly competitive and no longer enough to do things by rote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my child start training?

Newborns can start training straight away with black and white materials as their retina has not fully developed yet. Newborns require visual stimulation for the retinal cells to develop fully.

It’s important to start early as possible because those that do develop speech, letter recognition and are able to become fluent readers much quicker.

Get In Touch

Have a question for the Baby Brain Training team or have feedback on your recent class experience? Then please contact us using the form below. Alternatively, email babybraintraining@gmail.com