Our Approach

We use the combination of music and academic learning to deliver the best outcome in your child’s overall development .

We also leverage methods, such as Glenn Doman, Shichida and Heguru that are widely and successfully used in Japan and Singapore, but not prevalent in the UK.


Heighten your child’s senses through auditory, visual, touch and linguistic learning.

  • Sign language
  • Baby massage
  • Rhyme singing
  • Flash card visual stimulation

Academic Learning

We engage in individual activities to build strong learning strategies

  • Letter Recognition
  • Number Recognition
  • Montessori style learning activities
  • Geometric shapes and puzzles


Music will assist with academic learning with improving concentration, memory and providing a longer attention span.

Introducing music at an early age builds a network of neural connection in the brain which have life long benefits.

  • Learn how to use music instruments
  • Learn how to read music
  • Improve aural skills
  • Appreciate music history
  • Music theory

Baby Brain Training Levels

The early BBT levels 1 & 2 will focus more on learning through music and play and the latter levels 3 & 4 will have more structured activities so your child has the opportunity to hone certain learning skills such as problem solving. We track your child’s development and progress throughout each level.

Find Your Child’s Level below:

  • Level 1 – Newborns – 4 Months
  • Level 2 – 5 Months – 14 Months
  • Level 3 – 15 Months – 24 Months
  • Level 4 – 25 Months – 36 Months

Let’s bring out the genius in your child.