About Us

Why We Created Baby Brain Training


We are two mums with background in paediatric research, music performance and educational research respectively. We met at a baby class and shared similar passion so we have started Baby Brain Training (BBT) to help cultivate the natural talents of children by giving them a strong foundation from the very beginning and helping them optimise their potential. We also want to empower parents with techniques to provide quality teaching from home.

Baby Brain Training is inspired by methods used in Japan and Singapore, where similar classes already exist and are highly popular. Those countries are also responsible for the highest IQs in the world. We found that many baby and toddler classes in the UK did not incorporate any of those methods and way of thinking. Many classes in this country don’t seem to focus enough on preparing a child for pre-school and the school world. As such, we wanted to create a new and fun way to learn and play, incorporating academic knowledge through music, songs, arts and crafts and Montessori activities.

You’ll soon realise that your child kindles the attention they receive when they are taught a new skill and feel satisfied when they have accomplished an activity.

Meet Seetal & Marta

Seetal Savania Dholakia 
MSc in Optometry, BSc Optical Management, BSc Prof Cert Glauc MCOptom DipTip (IP)

Seetal, a former Research Optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, is a Vision Science specialist who has significant expertise in the area of paediatric eye development. A mother of two, Seetal began teaching BBT to her eldest daughter who was reading at 2 years of age to the level of most 4 year olds. It was upon seeing the fruits of her labour and the amazing results of BBT that Seetal decided to integrate her professional experience with right sided brain training to help he cultivate the potential of more children. 

Seetal firmly believes the UK education system is world class in many ways but it does not give a child everything it needs. Seetal launched BBT to empower parents with techniques so they can provide quality teaching from home. She believes, in line with several academic studies, that the home learning environment is the most significant contributing factor to a child’s development.

Marta Albright Autran Dourado BA, MA & PHD in Music

Marta is a professional musician, performer, teacher and mother of two.

Her parents were also musically trained so in her personal and professional life, she has continued spreading the teaching of music. When her children were born, she introduced music from an early age and the benefits to their development has been significant.

Proud parent alert! Her kids were able to read a basic score and acquired a musical ear years beyond their peers. Both of her children are different in nature and it has always fascinated her. As a parent, she considers herself as a a teacher of life as well as music. She can see that children learn in different ways so she has multiple methods to teach them according to their personalities.

Musical exposure is highly beneficial to brain development and it has been a contributing factor in their phonics and literacy development. She wouldn’t have believed any of this until she witnessed their growth. Music has certainly developed their memory retention and recall.

She has partnered with Seetal to launch BBT because she shares her passion in cultivating the natural talents of children by giving them a strong foundation from the very beginning and helping them optimise their potential.